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Welcome to the homepage of Cevi Dürnten. Cevi Dürnten is the local YMCA scouting association. It is a voluntary organisation, with the aim to create a meaningful leisure time for our local kids. It is for everyone living in Dürnten or Wald from kindergarten to 7th grade.

Every second Saturday we have regular Cevi programmes, in which the kids attending 2nd class and older are spending an interesting and diverse afternoon together for three hours, led and accompanied by at least one group leader. About once per month we also organise a special programme for the kids attending kindergarten or 1st class.

In groups, separated by age and most often gender, we are building up tents, sing at the bonfire, are doing various sports or handicrafts and many more. Along the way, the thread is always an exciting book for young people or a biblical story focussing on the social values and norms. The annual highlight is always a week-long camp, outdoors in tents if in summer respectively in a house in autumn.

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We are looking forward to meeting you!

These are our upcoming Cevi-events. If you are interested, you can join us for one or two afternoons. Just fill in the following form and/or contact one of our main leaders. Contacts



See you soon!

The Cevi Dürnten Scouting Team


PS: If you have any further questions about who we are or what we are doing, don’t hesitate to contact us. We are aware that you might not be familiar with scouting or the YMCA in Switzerland (as it is quite different to e.g. the boy scouts in the US). In case you wish information in another language, just ask us as well, we can cover several languages within our association!